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Check Best ManyChat Chatbot Marketers in 2019 and Learn How to Use Chatbots for Marketing Purposes

We can all agree that chatbots have entered big doors and today, they are an important experience that will help you improve your promotional perspective.

You should remember that chatbot is a computer program that can easily carry on conversations with a human without any additional hassle.

Back in the day, when you wish to post something on social media, you could easily share it and wait for a few hours to see if anyone noticed it. However, today, social communication is one of the most prominent mediums.

Since instant messenger apps entered the market, social media became the perfect way of communication, which is both convenient and completely free.

Therefore, we have to say that people are spending more and more time on messenger apps than before and that is why we have to consider it a general form of online communication. That is when smart bot marketers entered the market.

For instance, Facebook Messenger has more users than Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat combined. If you are a marketer, communication with potential customers and consumers is the best way to increase overall engagement.

More than 80% of users will have open communications with services and brands by using social media platforms and messenger apps.

That is where chatbots enter the game because due to advances in NLP (natural language processing) and AI (artificial intelligence), you will not even notice that you are talking with the bot and not a human person.

1. Chatbots Will Provide You More Than Perfect Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, this is the main reason why most people tend to customize and implement chatbot services. According to most professionals, by 2020 chatbots and not humans will conduct more than 90% of online interactions with brands.

You should also have in mind that chatbots can be used for other things apart from customer service. They are an essential part of your marketing strategy that will help you improve the number of visitors and potential customers.

Creating a customized and well-planned chatbot can help you improve overall engagement, lead generation, driving people to buy and research market as well.

Since chat is not perceived as engagement driver, but customer service operations, people tend to neglect this particular idea. However, most marketers and brands can use chats top collect data around the interactions and engagements of others.

If you are successful, you will be able to turn user-friendliness into a massive return on investment. That is the main reason why most marketers nowadays are approaching chatbots as marketing tools and not just help desks.

It means that you will have better insights on pain points, customer preferences and behaviors.

2. Chatbots Can Help You Sell

You should have in mind that chatbots can also act as salespeople that will help you drive potential customers into a regular one.

The best thing about them is that they will provide you an affordable and automated way to communicate with people and to have personal and direct engagement.

By allowing your customers to speak with your brand and chatbot by using messenger apps, will help you improve your sales and drive it too. According to statistics, Messenger is an excellent choice that will provide you more than billion of monthly users.

Apart from the ability to chat with friends and family through it, audiences tend to search nod connect with various brands so that they can get closer and check relevant deals along the way.

One research that Facebook conducted state that people who decided to connect with the brand on Messenger will be more confident when it comes to buying in the future than the ones that do not have that connection.

On the other hand, humans are not efficient enough and they can answer only one person at a time, which means that customers may feel ignored if you neglect to answer them.

That is the main reason why you should implement chatbots so that you can provide updates on shipping, answer frequently asked questions and even find ways to upsell based on your customer and his preferences.

You should check here to learn more on why you should use chatbots.

3. Chatbots Can Cure App Fatigue

A few years back, things changed rapidly because people started using smartphones as the first way of browns and searching online. That is why every big and reasonable service decided to create a native app as a part of a digital marketing strategy.

However, everyone started doing it, which created app fatigue since most of them were useless. Consumers got tired of down lowing data gobbling and space consuming apps and nowadays, most of them neglect services that come in this particular form.

Chatbots will provide you available information every single day and round the clock. It does not …