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The Importance of Reputation Management for Your Dental Practice

Before the Internet, the main method of a customer giving feedback was to speak to a manager or fill out a comment card. Nowadays, this has changed drastically. It is a two-way communication via the Internet with customers being able to log on to social media and tell the world about their latest customer experience.

Sites such as Yelp and Facebook allow for customers to shout praises or share in the doom of their latest retail visit. The Internet is the comment card and it goes viral with the ability to share these customer reviews via several networks.

Dental reputation management is important. Just like any other business, the dentistry industry also has to protect its image. For a dentistry office not to take heed of negative reviews could lead to closed business and other trouble that affects the bottom line. It is always best to be proactive and cultivate online rankings and good favor with customers.

Searching for more information about your business

Brief comments can influence the dental office’s reputation. Online reviews have a strong impact on web traffic and the attraction of new customers.

When there is a good review this works in concert with the website and social media presence for the better. Word of mouth referrals is still a strong way to gain new customers. The word of mouth referral now is when a customer shares their experience and others are reading it. This is replacing the traditional word of mouth. Think of websites such as Yelp and Facebook comments. Yelp has thousands of reviews for businesses and this will be one of the first five results that will show in an Internet search. Searchers can get a sense for the business by reading the reviews and comments and make a full decision based solely on this.

If the searchers find mostly positive reviews, then they will most likely click through to learn more. They can learn more and get a feel for the business on the company’s website and social media pages. This potential customer is hunting for information to confirm the positive reviews and to make a decision to make a visit to this dental office. They are looking to be sold on your dentistry office with testimonials, marketing copy, and more feedback from customers.

Negative reviews affect website traffic

If your dental office has one star on Yelp, then it is going to be quite the challenge to gain any momentum in foot traffic. Negative reviews are seen as being honest so potential customers will read these reviews and move on to find another dental office to suit their needs. Do not let your office be on the negative side. Poor service or treatment and billing issues should be ironed out in order to start to provide a great customer experience.

Boost your SEO

If a good review is on Yelp, then the impact is measurable. Search Engine Optimization and a positive review allow for dental offices to appear in the top results for Internet searches. Relevance is key when it comes to a Google search.

Smile and improve your reputation management

Monitoring and improving a dental office’s digital reputation is possible. You can implement surveys in order to get a full assessment of how your office is performing. Establish a game plan to maintain your office’s reputation by recognizing the positive and negative feedback. Your reputation builds trust in your business.